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Like the Mongols. In a simple circular room, away from people, following the rules of nature.

We use the yurt primarily as a drying room for herbs, but this energy and fragrance-filled space is also a place of relaxation and calming of the soul. The yurt is hidden among the trees and undisturbed by anything.

The minimalist device doesn't force us to do anything - we don't deal with unnecessary things and just do nothing.

We are alone with our thoughts, resting, relaxing.

The yurt stands on acacia poles that we brought from the nearby forest. The star-shaped floor is made of pine wood, the shell is made of a special waterproof material and we have entrusted the protection from the cold to hemp and sheep fleece.

If you are interested in a yurt and are thinking about something similar, we will be happy to show it to you and share our experience with its construction.