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Penzion na Pálava
Put your phone down, forget about deadlines and switch off. Only beautiful nature, Moravian wine and an adventure playground for children await you. Just fine.

The sun is knocking on the window

Probably because you have it to the east. Enjoy waking up in your grandmother's bed, eat bread with fresh herbs and plan another carefree day in Pálava.

Choose from five spacious apartments with their own kitchen or a double room with the furniture you know from the old cottages.

Playing sports or just lounging around?

You can do both. You are on foot at Orphan's Castle and Klentnice menhirs. Vineyards, best enjoyed by bike. And when you get back from your trip, stretch out in a hammock with a book or jump a dart in the pool.

The highlight of the whole week will be the sunset on Table Mountain. We'll lend you a picnic basket and the romance can begin.


Sauna belongs to well-being. For a fee of only 500 crowns per person you can use ours. It is private, so total privacy is guaranteed. After the sauna, you can also bathe and refresh in the natural lake or take a shower in the shower next door. There will also be a comfortable seating area where you can warm up in the winter with an open fire kadai, or make tea in the kitchenette. Of course, towels and sheets can be rented.

Barbecue, wine, chill

How else, in South Moravia. That's why we have two terraces with barbecue. And for wine, you run straight to the wine bar. Your first bottle is free.

Is it raining? Never mind! Hide in the common room, where even the kids have their own corner. Or join us in the historic cellar, taste wine from the demijohns and nibble on a local specialty. Just walk down a few steps to the basement.

And the kids? They'll go crazy...

Joy! Once they discover that there is a house made of wood, stone and dirt right in the garden, where they can hide and make their most secret plans away from their parents.

And just outside its door awaits a water pendulum, a daring underground tunnel passage and, of course, a pool! With salt water.

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