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House Opido
Live by the rules of nature. Self-sufficient and considerate. Not just take, take and take. That's why we set out to build a new home that can inspire you too.

Yes, a bit of a different home

Seven years of preparation and another three years of continuous work. Thanks to the great people around us, what we hadn't even hoped for at the beginning has succeeded. In our new home, honest craftsmanship and natural materials, such as wood, stone and clay, sensitively blend with the latest technologies.

We can be self-sufficient in energy and use rainwater for washing and flushing. Thanks to the architecture, supported by the teachings of Fengshui and Vastu, energy flows naturally through the house and helps the development of its inhabitants.

Electricity? Just what the sun gives

We have twelve photovoltaic panels that produce 3 kW per hour. We store the electricity generated in batteries with a capacity of 20 kWh, and when needed, we can make do with this amount for two days.

To cope with peaks when multiple appliances are running at once, we use several separate circuits. How does this work? When we switch on the kettle, the fridge switches off for the moment. Yet we think even more deeply about electricity consumption. Když svítí slunce a máme jí dost, nabízí se prát a sušit. They didn't go to the river to wash when it was cloudy.

Without much violence, we get back to traditional rhythms and live in harmony with nature.

We're not chasing money. We live

We have computers in the house, a full kitchen and a hot shower. So we function like everyone else. But our self-sufficiency brings us something extra - the freedom. It has reduced our family's financial needs and nothing makes us rush to make more and more money.

We prefer to grow vegetables in our beds and make marmalade. And sometimes we are left wondering how little we need for a comfortable life and the happiness that comes from being in tune with our surroundings - not from setting ourselves apart.

Come and get inspired

Contact us in advance and we will show you around our self-sufficient home, where we have lived for over 2 years. And maybe we'll put a bug in your head.

During the tour, you will learn a lot about the natural building materials we used for the construction, about sustainability, or even about economically sensible self-sufficiency.

The price of the tour is 300Kč per person (minimum 1000Kč).

The authors of our house Opido are Mr. and Mrs. Zvoníček and the builder is the company Hlinatura dealing with natural construction. But more than a dozen experts, artists and craftsmen - masters in their field - are involved in the whole project.

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