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Experience playground
Your kids will have the time of their lives. In a natural house, saltwater pool and attractions that will get their brains spinning at full speed.

Where are the most secret secrets born?

Inside a natural house made of wood, stone and clay, where parents are strictly forbidden to enter. Over the summer, the roof of the house turns into a bed of flowering stonecrops and on the doorstep there is a counter for 'selling' the creations made by the children inside. Of what? From everything that the surrounding nature has given.

It's no game without water

Therefore we have a water pendulum where it will splash from side to side until the pendulum is in balance. Or long live physics!

Passing through the underground tunnel requires a bit of courage, but the sea... sorry, the pool with salt water will provide enough motivation. And then all that is left is to stagger into the hammock and sleep the sleep of the righteous.

It's raining, it's raining, it's pouring

Everything is laughing in the children's corner. Who will dominate the kitchen and who will have the painting corner? Fortunately, there are too many toys. Especially the didactic ones that develop dexterity, coordination and logical thinking.

And when the sun comes out again, you can all go together and count how many new herbs have sprung up in our beds.