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Muscovy Lakes

The Church of St. Linhart stands on a small island in the middle of the largest body of water in Moravia. And an entire flooded village rests underwater.
Mušov Lakes or New Mills? Call this cascade of three reservoirs washing the Pálava hills what you like. It was built between 1975 and 1988 as a protection against annual floods. During construction, however, the entire village was "washed away" with it.

The post office in Mušov last opened on 30 June 1978. A year and a half later it was removed from the list of settlements and finally disappeared under water in 1987.

Today you can ride a surfboard or a kit on the surface of Nové Mlýn. But in the sultry South Moravian summer, you won't be able to resist jumping into the water. And don't worry, you won't drown. The tanks are surprisingly shallow - often less than 2 metres deep.

Around all three reservoirs - Mušovská, Věstonická and Novomlýnská - you can take an all-day bicycle tour and on the way stop for example at the archaeological site under the Hradisko peak or visit Venus in Dolní Věstonice. Just remember to save some strength for the end. It is uphill from all sides back to Klentnice.

You'd rather be quiet? Find a nice spot, cast your rod and wait for your catch.

The Lower Novomlýn Reservoir can be reached by car in less than 10 minutes.

And just "run up" to Sirotci hrádek directly above penzion and all the Mušov Lakes will conjure up a beautiful panorama in front of you. An opportunity for photographers at sunset?

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