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Orphan's Castle

You'll be seeing him every once in a while. Illuminated by the rising sun in the morning and giving you the desired shade in the evening. And you can walk there in half an hour.
The ruins of the Orphan's Castle stand on two limestone cliffs directly above our guesthouse in Klentnice. So this symbol of Pálava will attract you day after day. The red and green hiking trails lead up to the ramparts - both will take you about a kilometre of gentle climbing.

So really a little bit.

From the top you can watch the sunset over the vineyards or we will prepare a picnic basket for you and make a nice afternoon. With your family, partner and maybe even a glass of our Chardonnay awarded with a gold medal from the prestigious Valtice Wine Market.

If you are into longer trips, you can take the direction Kočičí skála from the top and go all the way to Mikulov. Or in the opposite direction via Děvín and Girls Castles to Dolní Věstonice - behind Venus.

And why is the castle called Orphanage?

Perhaps because it was already orphaned in the 16th century, when the Swedes burned and destroyed it. But rather after the knight Siegfried Sirotek, who had the castle built in the middle of the 13th century. Or is it the castellan Chichos, who was executed for treason, and his son, who was orphaned, went mad, and has been riding his horse from Orphan's Castle to Turold ever since?

It's hard to say. Take a walk and see which truth you lean towards.

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