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In a town situated on the last spurs of the Pálava Mountains and surrounded by vineyards, you can expect a really full day. History, nature and wine.
The first thing that catches your eye when you arrive in Mikulov is definitely the local Baroque castle. And it is definitely not just any castle - it includes the largest winery exhibition with a unique giant wine barrel.

From the castle, continue straight to the square to the Dietrichstein Tomb in the former St. Anne's Church. And don't forget the Jewish synagogue with an exhibition about Rabbi Löw.

Once you've walked through all the picturesque streets full of wine cellars, stylish wine bars and restaurants, head out of town.

Or rather, above the city.

To Cave Na Turold, where instead of stalactites you will find "decoration" similar to coral reefs. Together with the emerald lake, you will feel like you are at the bottom of the Jurassic Sea.

The second hill above the town is called Svatý Kopeček.

Its top is reached by a blue hiking trail lined with Passion chapels that form the Stations of the Cross. The chapel of St. Sebastian stands at the end of it and the view of the vineyard-covered countryside is simply incredible.

When you get back to the city, end your beautiful day in Mikulov with a gourmet experience. And with a glass of wine. A bus will take you back to the guesthouse in Klentnice. Or head straight to Mikulov on foot. It is 4 km and less than an hour walk across the vineyards.

You can find out what is going on in Mikulov on the town's official website.

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