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Take a walk around the area

Archaeopark Pavlov
Seen from afar, it looks like a meadow dotted with rock towers, such as those that normally line the slopes of Pálava. Once you get closer, however, you'll discover that it's a concrete skylight, beneath which lies a breathtaking underground "cave" full of historical finds.

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Girls' castles
On an inaccessible rock above Pavlov stands the ruins of a castle that overlooks the whole Pálava. And from the three stone cliffs, a girl's low wail echoes through the night. It must be the three naughty castle daughters who were cursed by their mother as punishment.

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Lednice-Valtice area
Almost 300 km2! The Lednice-Valtice area occupies an area one third larger than the nearby Brno. In contrast, it is full of green parks, magical ponds and romantic corners. You can wander around the castle gardens for days.
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In a town situated on the last spurs of the Pálava Mountains and surrounded by vineyards, you can expect a really full day. History, nature and wine. Visit the winery exposition, the cave Na Turold, Svatý Kopeček or enjoy a culinary experience.
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Orphan's Castle
You'll have him in your sights all day. Illuminated by the rising sun in the morning and giving you the desired shade in the evening. And you can walk there in half an hour. The ruins of Orphan's Castle stand on two limestone cliffs directly above our guesthouse in Klentnice.
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